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Is this an image of the worlds largest curtain

Yes  it is, the worlds largest curtain now hangs in the magnificent Kirkless hotel in Dubai, the concept behind this curtain that adorns this hotel was inspired and design by Sven Mueller, the design itself is the largest KriskaDECOR curtain. The idea from the designer was to incorporate and merge the atmosphere using silver and lime coloured materials. Full detailed specs are here


The overall length of the curtain is a whopping 36metres from top to bottom, and special support devices needed to be developed to handle the 800 kgs of material and it is so large that it can be viewed from over 8 floors of the hotel. The curtain itself is illuminated by natural light and is a commanding piece of artistic material when entering the Kirkless hotel

As with any curtain design this large and on this scale it is paramount that the feature is fully secured because of the amount of down wieght within the material. KriskaDECOR curtains are made from small interlinked pieces of aluminium that can used as internal or external curtains

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