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Kitchen Curtains – how to avoid 5 major decorating mistakes

Kitchen curtains are often negelected in many houses when in fact they should form a centrepiece of your home, afterall how much time do we all spend in our kitchen. Whilst decorating many homes I have come across the 5 most common mistake people make when choosing their new kitchen curtains, follow this guide and it will allow you to complete your kitchen makeover on your window with a minimum of fuss.

Remember when choosing fabric or rods for this area ensure that they are both practical in colour , texture and more importantly the material you have chosen is suitable to washed over and over again, after all we are installing curtains into one of the potentially most messy areas of the house with food and moisture all being exposed to your new kitchen curtains.

5 Major Mistakes to avoid.

1. As stated above always choose a material that is going to allow you to wash it over and over again, a polyster or polymix, or even nylon are good choices, then decide on a colour and texture that will compliment your kitchen area, you will buy this either as a ready-made item or you will be able to purchase material for your new kitchen curtains and refer to our “how to make curtains includes secret  fabric formula” article.

2. The design or style that you put onto your window must also be functional, ensure whatever design of kitchen curtains you install on your window that you take into account that you must allow for air flow and ensure that the curtain is clear of any taps or over hotplates.

3. When installing your new curtains also be aware that what ever rods you use they must be able to stand up to constant moisture, ie dont buy a brass rod that will tarnish, this will create a lot more work for you in the future, generally speaking when decorating keep it simple is often the best way to go

4. Many manufacturers are now making specific fabrics for kitchen curtains , these are often referred to fire retardent fabrics, there are many of them available in different styles and colours. Ask your local fabric supplier to show you their range or if purchasing your curtains online they should state if they are fire retardent.

5. The most important mistake that I see happening on many installations are kitchen curtains installed incorrectly , always keep them clear of any obstructions, the easiest way to do this is to compile of quick list of items that you can see are close to the window and then adjust your kitchen windows accordingly – a great article on this is “how to hang curtains in 10 easy steps”.

Remember keep it simple and stylish

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