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Lace Curtains – how to make, wash and install

Lace curtains provide an immediate impact on a window, they will either provide a softness that only lace can offer or alternatively if you are trying to create a cottage or country look then lace curtains are definately the style you need to use. Traditionally these types of curtains were used a secondary item on a window, now with many new and innovate designs we are definately seeing a move back to using the lase curtains as the main front curtain within an area.

Lace curtains - traditional style

Lace curtains - traditional style

Lace curtains can either be made from polyster or cotton, in years gone by, most of these were made from cotton, the only downside to lace curtains made from cotton was that they move up and down dependant on the area that you lived and the moisture content within that room. Polyster has now become the choice , providing the ability of designing many curtains and shapes and taking full advantage of the different colours that are available with polyster.

Generally washing these types of curtains is fairly simple, take them down, hand wash or machine in a small amount of water and eucalyptus oil, hang back up whilst damp.

When you are ready to hang your new lace curtains remember to read our interesting article on “how to hang curtains in 10 easy steps”, lace curtains can either be rod slot, pencil pleat or even a triple pinch pleat is now common amongst these curtains. These types of curtains are also often used to create a softer look within a room or in some cases to increase privacy to your home

Although the material or fabric of lace curtains has changed over the years , we are still able to make them into basically any type of shape, a traditional crossover is basically a curtain to each side of your window that is attached in the middle and tiebacks used on each curtain to dress it back to each side, another sample of lace curtains is using it for a short valance, basically cut the lace back to the height or drop of the area that you need, normally around 30cm , sew a pocket at the top and presto you now have a really nice top valance.

When I am advising a client on what type of lace to use or style , I often let them know that they really should be considering using this type of material in areas or items that they would not normally think of, ie go to your local curtain shop and purchase around 2metres of lace , purchase some pre-gather lace trim , square it off , attach the pregathered trim all around the edge and immediately you now have a beautiful lace tablecloth. Keep in mind when decorating with lace curtains you are only limited by your imagination.

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