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Sheer Curtains – what most curtains shops wont tell you.

Sheer curtains present an easy way of decorating your new home or existing windows, the simplistic look that sheer curtains provides extends way past the traditional shape or privacy aspect of a lined curtain. Most curtain shops avoid telling their clients that they can use a sheer just as effective a fully lined curtain, they generally arent forthcoming with this information because the sheer curtains are a relativly inexpensive way of dressing a window in comparison to using traditional drapes.

Sheer curtains with filtered light

Sheer curtains with filtered light

The leading manufacturers of material over the last few years have really created a unique and contemporary product utilizing smart modern designs with a vast array of colours to choose from. Many sheer curtains are made from either polyster or nylon, generally the more sheer they are the more nylon composition within the material.

Whilst decorating many new homes with my clients, one of the first materials that i introduce them to are the sheer curtains , there are so many applications that we use with this material, from a traditional swag back curtain to the more intricated austrian pull up curtain. They can either be rod slot with a 2cm frill, or alternatively pencil pleat or pinch pleat. I have even used a goblet pleat on the shee fabric and the result was so dramatic on the window that it appeared in one of the design magazines.

Sheer curtains have many advantages over traditional curtains, they patterns and designs can be more dramatic and if full privacy is needed then it is a simple case of either putting a roller blind behind the curtain or installing a separate blackout curtain. They are very easy to maintain and clean , generally they only require washing in warm soapy water and re-hung on the window when damp.

They can be used as partition curtains, bathroom curtains, privacy curtains or even curtain around a bed canopy. The content of the material enables you to make your own curtains very easy and allows them to be installed either on a rod or track. When purchasing online ensure that you are purchasing material that is at least 240cm in the drop or height.

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