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Stage Curtains – creating the ultimate Curtain for your home theatre

Stage curtains have been totally re-designed over the previous 2 years, many facets and manufacturing processes have completely re-engineered the style that we now use for one of the most versatile and intricate curtain types. Stage curtains deliver an unparalled presence within an area and provide the absolute maximum acoustic sound absorption for audiences and home theatres.

Stage curtains - velvet curtains

Stage curtains - velvet curtains

Generally when designing a stage curtains the area to be covered is generally installed with a track that goes from wall to wall, this is either a designated stage curtains track or alternatively tracking systems such as light commercial or depending on the installation it needs to be installed, a suspended tracking system These systems can be motorized or a standard hand operated track.

Stages curtains materials are nearly 100% made up from either a commercial grade velvet or heavy linen fabric, the finish on the curtain is either done with pinch pleat or pencil pleat, and these headings are used primarily due to the fact that they will handle large loads of downward weight. The load is then dispersed evenly across the track to ensure ease of use.

Specialist interior designers are mostly used as consultants when companies are thinking of introducing stages curtains to any area, there are many factors that need to be considered, including stage lighting, sound system being used and the reverb distance from where the actual patrons will be seated. Many aspects of using stages curtains have also been specifically programmed to ensure maximum coverage for the area to be contained.

The style or finish of the stage curtains can be quite simplistic or dramatic, I have consulted on several stage curtains in which my clients have either requested a smart contemporary look or alternatively a traditional style, I generally achieve this by either doing an elongated swag and tail design or otherwise a nice simple straight finish across from top to bottom. The color I generally use are bright base colors, i.e. Red, blue or gold.

One of the most important aspect when considering introducing new stage curtains is to ensure that the area being covered is designed and well structure to allow for this type of installation.

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