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Swag Curtains – the complete guide to making and installing

Swag curtains are one of the most traditional finishes that you can introduce onto your window coverings, intricate in design and generally create that wow factor when you enter the room. Swag curtains or swags and tails have long been deemed as the ultimate in window soft furnishings providing an immediate statement with choices of fabrics and design only limited to your imagination.

Traditional swag curtains

Traditional swag curtains

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Swag Curtains can either be made with several different styles and shapes, the most common finish is the traditional swag in which each swag overlaps itself across the width of the window. Another classical swag curtains are the regal finish, you basically have an odd amount of swags on your window, 2 will overlap to the right, 2 to the left and the centre or regal swag overlap both swags either side.

One of my favorite swag curtains designs that I have used many times on my clients is called the modern swag, it is basically a single swag that can go from one side of the window to the other, approximately 1800mm or 6 feet in width, and this is an impressive swag to say the least. This particular design is also very unique in the sense that if you use a wide enough material you can basically create the swag with no joins.

Manufacturers are now supplying so many contemporary materials that lend themselves to being fully used on swag curtains, the beauty of creating a this type of curtain is that you can have the tail part of the swag in a totally different color, this is often referred to as contrast lined. The lining that is used on the back of swag curtains can also be a contrasting color.

When installing swags they are 90% of the time installed above the window, approximately 20cms, this allows for maximum height on window and prevents too much natural light loss. Your drapes or curtains are then installed underneath the existing swag curtains.

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