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Drapery Curtains using affordable patterned curtains

Drapery Curtains will  often combine the look of a window covering into a very decorative room, using special types of draperies window coverings you will be able to create a totally fresh and unique look in this room. There are so many choices of curtain fabrics available that will compliment any style or home. Curtains drapes can be totally independent of any other window covering. What I mean is that when i decorate home I dont just lock myself into a certain style, for instance using drapery curtain rods throughout sometimes will overwhelm an area, so it is quite sensible to mix and match different types of products.

draperies windows curtains

Curtains Homes are also a totally different look to furnishing your home with roller blinds , we are now seeing from many different material manufacturers diffent compositions of fibres that traditionally havent been used in the past. Drapery curtains can also provide a great thermal protection during winter and summer, you must ensure that your curtain is lined in total blockout lining. Affordable pattern curtains are now also available in a huge range of ready made curtains, these are generally provided by large department stores at a reasonable price in comparison to using custom made products

Draperies window treatments can either be made as pinch pleated drapes or alternatively they can be made using a pencil pleat finish which is more like a gathered heading but a little more formal looking , drapes , curtains and valances are generally co-ordinated using the same fabric but quite often using a contrast colour for your valance. Tiebacks can also be again done in a totally different colour from the same range of materials.

One of the most important facets when even considering curtains is to really make sure that whatever window covering or treatment you use is totally functional. So many times i have been back to clients who have paid to have custom made drapery curtains and they look fantastic but do not suit the home or room. Generally any type of window treatment that you use should be able to open and close or either go up and down.

Generally most curtains are either hung on a decorative curtain rods or curtain tracks that are either cord operated or hand traverse, this is the correct way to hang you new drapery curtains.

Curtain Designs using Modern Curtain Designs

modern curtain designsCurtain designs are generally created by a talented designer or interior decorator , generally they will just start off as an idea and then progress to a drawing or sketching that then evolves into a full window covering. Most new ideas for modern curtain designs are also created out of necessity  and not necessarily the astetics of the window. Throughout my interior decorating career I have personally come across many individual shaped windows that require a totally unique design, this also applies to the shape and type of material that is used on many home interior curtains.

Swag Curtains – the complete guide to making and installing

Swag curtains are one of the most traditional finishes that you can introduce onto your window coverings, intricate in design and generally create that wow factor when you enter the room. Swag curtains or swags and tails have long been deemed as the ultimate in window soft furnishings providing an immediate statement with choices of fabrics and design only limited to your imagination.

Traditional swag curtains

Traditional swag curtains

To make your own pinch pleated curtains in easy to follow steps  Click Here!