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Tag: "How to make curtains"

Making Curtains , sewing curtains , hemming the sides

How to make your own curtains at home is a very straightforward technique that I can show you , diy curtains , sewing curtain grommets and creating curtain patterns – easy to follow examples. Learn how our professional workroom make curtains using their own system when making curtains. In no time you will be confident to make your own curtains for interior or make your own curtains home decorating.

Many of these techniques can also be used for  embroidery curtains , make tab curtains and curtain patterns. Dress Curtains are often used at the side of a window to soften the effect of a roller blind or roman blind , they are generally a curtain that is non functional and doesn’t move. Learn how to make your own curtains personal by utilizing a specific design of material or shape , there are so many different diy window treatments available.

Many Curtain manufacturers now have such a large range of materials available that it is quite easy to make  diy heat blocking curtains or heat shield curtains using backcoated materials. These materials offer full protection from the sun during summer but also retain maximum heat within a room during the winter months. Simple panel curtains are also a way of covering a window without having to do too much sewing , they are generally a straight piece of material that is designed to just cover the area enough to provide privacy and protection. You can use panel when curtain designs permit.

Hemming the sides , sewing curtains or making curtains can provide you with an easy and inexpensive way of curtaining your new or existing home at a fraction of the cost , many people now realise that it is possible to make your own curtains free whilst also making them look as if they have been made by a professional workroom.

Curtain Fabrics – Curtain Materials – How are they made – totally organic

Curtain fabrics or curtain material comes in a wide variety of colours , textures , and now many different widths. Traditionally many curtain fabrics have been made from the same fibre or composition and generally were always 120cm wide or 48 inches. Over the last 5 years we have now seen many manufacturers supply materials from 120cm , 137cm , 150cm and now 240cm wide material. This has allowed many curtain retailers to take advantage of this extra width to provide a complete coverage for your windows.


How to hang curtains in 10 easy steps

You will often hear a decorator or interior consultant comment on how well a curtain has been dressed, the is referring to the appearance of the drape or curtain and basically gets back to the original installation. If you are installing your own curtains follow these easy how to hang curtains tutorial. There is nothing worse than a drape installed incorrectly and not having enough time spent on the dressing of the drape.

How to hang curtains is primarily taught to acredited installers and it is definately an art that is achieved over many years of individual homes and many installations on various types of curtain windows.


How to make curtains – Includes Secret Fabric Formula

How to make curtains is often overlooked by many people as they believe they dont have necessary skills or time to attempt to make their own curtains. If you follow these easy steps I can guarantee you that will be making curtains in your sleep. Most people when they start thinking about how to make curtains get scared of failure and completely push the thought out of their mind very quickly. I can show you a fool proof way to make your new curtains for any window in your home.