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Wooden Curtain Rods or Wood Curtain Rods with finials

Wooden curtain rods or wood curtain rods with finials can create the ultimate decorator finish to a window covering, using either customised rods or drapery hardware rods, these types of finishes will definately make your windows look and feel like a professional curtain installation. Many decorators are using curtain rods with ring or alternatively brass rods with rings. The overall completeness of your window coverings is definately determined by the use of decorator curtain rod.

wood curtain rods with finials

Wrought iron curtain rods are also an item that can create a feature to the top section of your window, generally these types of rods are installed slightly above the architrave and provide an elevated look to the curtains, designer curtains rods are primarily used in formal areas but not limited to the lounge or dining room. If the rods are installed correctly it is quite possible to hang very heavily lined curtains that will open and close quite easily ,.

Many curtains stores will use drapery decorative rods that come in many different colours , including brass , antique brass , brushed silver and bright chrome, they can either have  rings or no rings depending on the style of your room and home. If you are going to install a sheer curtain and a main curtain than it will definately be useful to install double curtain rods, this allows for the sheer curtain to sit closest to the glass , the main curtain will be closest inside the room.

Decorative curtain finials also provide the finish to the rod, they come in various shapes and sizes , different colours and textures , these can generally be adapted to be installed on most types of rods. Basically you are trying to achieve a look on the window the provides a functional curtain with a very stylish finish, this can generally be achieved by using wooden curtain rods or wood curtain rods with finials.

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